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HarePoint Explorer for SharePoint is a universal accessory instrument for simplifying the development of solutions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010.

HarePoint Explorer for SharePoint offers two tools to a developer. First one is a browser that allows examining the structure of any object within SharePoint object model. Second one allows creating scripts in C# or Visual Basic using objects selected in the browser. Any number of browser windows and scripts can be opened in one and the same application.

The .NET Reflection technology was widely used for creating this program. All objects are reviewed from these positions. This means that all information obtained in the program can be moved to a developed solution practically without changes.

The described scheme provides the developer with full freedom of action, limited only to his expertise. This approach allows to call absolutely any method of any object and get values of any properties and fields including hidden (internal, private, protected).

Another significant feature of the program is the fact that initially it was created as internal accessory utility constantly used during the development of the MAPILab`s own solution - MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint. All capabilities within the program have appeared only on demand of developers themselves.

Though the product was created for operations with SharePoint object model, it perfectly fits for exploration of any other object model created within the frames of .NET technology! For example, during the creation of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint, HarePoint Explorer for SharePoint was used for work with the object model of Active Directory, Microsoft Message Queuing and even for taking Microsoft certification exams!


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