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Stored Scripts

If you use MAPILab Explorer for SharePoint, from time to time you have to carry out one and the same operations. For example, to find a SPWeb object, you need to open a lot of nodes in the browser of the object model.

To simplify this and many other routine operations, you could store necessary scripts for their further execution in the program.

Stored scripts are created in the same way as context ones are designed. To create such a script you need to press the New Code Window button located on the toolbar of the program.

To save this script please go to the menu File and then Save As Stored....

To execute the stored script, you need to select the Stored Scripts option in the menu File.

Please pay your attention that stored scripts cannot be created for the objects which are marked in the browser of the object model. That’s why we recommend you to remove all selections with the help of the Clear All Checks button.

When you save the stored script, a list of references on other .NET assembly is placed to its heading: ///addref<reference name> (///addref<mscorlib.dll>) for C# and 'addref<reference name> ('addref<mscorlib.dll>) for Visual Basic.

Management of stored scripts

If you would like to look through a list of stored scripts, you need to open the Stored Scripts Management dialog using the following path File - Stored Scripts - Manage....

Here you can also add your stored scripts which were deleted earlier from this list, remove scripts from the list or change the text of the stored script.

If you would like to start the script automatically when you start your computer, please mark it with the flag.

The script to start

Automatic script creation

To create a script to load frequently used objects (SPFarm, SPManager, SPTimerService, SPWebApplication, SPSite and SPWeb) you can click Add to stored from the context menu of the required object. Then the script for this object will automatically added to the stored scripts that allow its use in future work.

Add to stored

Default startup script

By default on startup MAPILab Explorer for SharePoint runs the script, as a result in a browser window appears objects SPFarm and SPManager. It is basically a "root" of the farm.

To disable this it is enough to put the flag next to Do not open SPFarm and SPConfig objects on startup in Stored Scripts Management.


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