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Window of script building

Actually, it is a window, in which small programs in C# or Visual Basic language can be created using all objects selected in the browser. So the knowledge of programming in C# or Visual Basic is a necessary requirement.

Window of script building

In order to create new script window, select item Tools in the menu New Code Window or click the corresponding button on the toolbar.

The window is divided into several zones.

In the bottom right part of the window, there is a table, in which names, value and types of variables available for usage in scripts are listed. This list always contains an object of CodeForm – it is a type of script window itself and MLBrowser - new browser for the return value. Moreover, objects flagged in opened browser windows also appear here.

In the upper right part of the window, there is a list of references to other .NET assemblies necessary for compilation of script programming code. This list can be always completed by placing the full path to fail of necessary assembly in it.

In the central part of the window, editor of programming code in is located. It contains the description of script in C# or Visual Basic. Examples of script building are depicted in item Building scripts.

The lower part of the window is used for outputting results of script compilation and for debugging information.

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